WerkSchau – Industrial Museum Chemnitz

From March 30 to May 29, 2023, creative people from Saxony will be exhibiting their works from design, handicrafts, fashion and other creative industries as part of a special exhibition at the Chemnitz Industrial Museum. Events surrounding the “WerkSchau – Made in Saxony” show the versatility of Saxony’s creative scene.

Swim until our lanes cross

Swim until our paths cross, negotiates the emergence of patterns through movement using the example of swimming. While swimming, thoughts play with the black marks on the bottom of the pool until they form and colorfully leave the water. A graphic score is created which in turn serves as a template for sound and movement Swim until our lanes cross

Compost Composing

With COMPOST COMPOSING, the artists’ group KOMA&Ko invites you to join the round dance. Compost becomes a compositional principle, we submit to the cycles and cycles of all being, the circular form. Transformation processes are celebrated with text, dance and song. A personal and collective confrontation of five performers with growth and finiteness, states of Compost Composing


a research project on power structures and gang formationein Forschungsprojekt zu Machtstrukturen und Bandenbildung Premiere: 13.5.2022 Directed by: Nicole Dietz Stage design: Bettina Kletzsch Music: Ruben Gogulski Dramaturgy: Andra Born Theater Pedagogy: Anna Lubenska Playing: Olivia Fernandino, Hannah Gawron, Marike Häcker, Therese Göhler, Marilou Weilandt, Martha Albrecht, Jola Pohl, Aline Mariotte, Elisa Himmel, Minou Hempel, POWER

Tiarella Hybrid

Fotos: Konrad Behr & Stephan Floss Tiarella Hybrid- a botanical personality study A solo performance by Magdalena Weniger 14.15.16 Oktober at European Centre for the Arts, Dresden Gesang: Magdalena WenigerMusic: Jarii van GohlBühne und Kostüm: Bettina KletzschMartin Mulik: Lichtdesign Veit Arlt: DramaturgieLinda Brodhag: Produktionsleitung


Foto: Christian Lorenz with us! Together with 16 other exhibitors we are at this year’s Designblok in Prague as a Saxon joint stand. 6. – 10. 10. 2021

Kulturschaufenster ->Mixed Mode Markt + Mixed Mode Markt Radio

Fotos: Dorothee Kletzsch Kulturschaufenster is an exhibition of local creators from 26.8. – 21.10.2021 at Centrumsgalerie Dresden. A project by Wir gestalten Dresden. Mixed Modehaus Markt Radio a Performance from Konrad Behr and Bettina Kletzsch

Brach und Wild

Performerinnen: Charles Washington, David Lethai, Lilia Ossiek Fotos: Konrad Behr “Brach und Wild”, Eine audiovisuelle Tour, eine performative Installation auf einer Brache. Eine Produktion von KOMA & Ko Idee:  Magdalena Weniger Konzept und Umsetzung: Magdalena Weniger und Maren Wickwire Produktionsleitung: Linda Pilar Brodhag Kostüm: Bettina Kletzsch Videos: Maren Wickwire Sound: Magdalena Weniger Mix und Master: Brach und Wild

Werkschau 2021 Chemnitz

Modehaus Kletzsch is part of the Werkschau 2021 in Chemnitz /Europäische Kulturhauptstadt 2025! 27. März – 2.Mai 2021

Crossing Borders – Kupferstich-Kabinett Dresden

Coat design for the visual artist Jacqueline Merz Spiegelachse ICH, 1996-99 / 2020 A work by Jacqueline Merz in the exhibition: Crossing Borders – Collecting fpr the Future Duration: 14.11.2020-26.04.2021 Bettina Kletzsch: Coat design and sewing, Material: photo wallpaper Carsten Wittig: graphic Video, 1995, camera: Bettina Grossenbacher Soundtrack from the diaries, 2020, recording management: Manos Crossing Borders – Kupferstich-Kabinett Dresden

Neue Märke erschließen – audio piece

Fashion designer Bettina Kletzsch visits the weekly market in Bischofswerda with radio artist Konrad Behr. Tracing the history of the Kletzsch family, they observe and comment on the hustle and bustle of the market and engage in conversation with the people. They are surprised by detailed descriptions of the clothes that were bought in the Neue Märke erschließen – audio piece

Stage and costume design: Lecker Lemon

Premiere: 16.Oktober 2020, Großer Saal im Zentralwerk Dresden Musik und Performance: Caroline Beach und Magdalena WenigerAusstattung: Bettina KletzschTechnische Leitung: Martin MulikKonzept und Künstlerische Leitung: Magdalena Weniger/ KOMA

costume design: The Guts Company Dresden

The guts company: Macht#2/The Skin – Ein Arbeitsstand 17. 9. 2020 Societaetstheater Dresden Menschenrechte sind für uns in Deutschland so selbstverständlich wie unsere eigene Haut. Doch was geschieht, wenn an dieser Selbstverständlichkeit gekratzt wird und die Haut sich nicht mehr als ‚unantastbar‘ anfühlt? Sind Menschenrechte wirklich etwas Universelles und wenn ja, warum stehen sie dann costume design: The Guts Company Dresden

Developing new markets

In Bischofswerda at the weekly market, an important place of exchange, I set up my market stand. There I collect thoughts to later reproduce them as an audio installation in my studio in Dresden. Passers-by can plug their own headphones into the headphone jack on the outside and listen to the voices from the rural Developing new markets

Costume: Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, Dresden

Filmstar Stills “180 Ideas for Saxony” is an outreach programme of the SKD, in which citizens of Saxony at different locations, museums or schools jointly develop, design or discuss ideas on themes and artworks from the collections. Film: Hechtfilm

Intervention: Requiem für die Zukunft #WOD

1.- 15. Februar 2020 Cosmopolitan Dresden dedicates itself in February 2020 to current, artistic perspectives of commemoration against the background of the 75th anniversary of the destruction of Dresden during the war in February 1945 and the public commemoration of violence and destruction worldwide. Mourning and commemoration have produced forms and rituals for centuries. In Intervention: Requiem für die Zukunft #WOD

Exhibition & Material Performance: Modehaus Bettina Kletzsch

9.- 10.11.2019 We pour out greatness and take a bath in its mass,ride around on it and rest in it.Sort power by colour, shape and length and put it between us.With colourful and golden riders we throw around us, pile them up and let them perform tricks. Konglomerat e.V. meets Modehaus Bettina Kletzsch

Co- Kuration: Archiv der Avantgarden, Dresden

2- 8. September 2019 Hörkino SchiebockKonzept und Organisation: Bettina Lehmann, Bettina Kletzsch The Archiv der Avantgarden (AdA) guests in Bischofswerda: On 8 September from 10 a.m. the former cinema in the König-Albert-Saal in Bischofswerda will become a place of listening. In workshops Schiebocker of different age groups together with sound and radio artists will create Co- Kuration: Archiv der Avantgarden, Dresden

Design Workshop: Kunstgewerbemuseum, Dresden

03.11.2018 – 03.03.2019 Design Workshop: Vorgefundene Muster erfinden The history of the Deutsche Werkstätten in Dresden and architects like Richard Riemerschmid or Bruno Paul are well known. But who knows that in the period from 1898 to 1938 over fifty female designers designed for this company? Our exhibition “Gegen die Unsichtbarkeit. Designerinnen der Deutschen Werkstätten Design Workshop: Kunstgewerbemuseum, Dresden

costume design: Staatsschauspiel Dresden

Premiere: 18.05.2018 From the long journey on a route that today is no longer far at all (“Von der langen Reise auf einer heute überhaupt nicht mehr weiten Strecke”) Directed by: Babett Grube, Stage design: Sarah Methner, Costumes: Hanne Lenze-Lauch & Bettina Kletzsch, Music: Jonas Meyer & Fabian Ristau, Light: Richard Messerschmidt, Dramaturgy: Christine Besier

Equipment assistance: Staatsschauspiel Dresden

Premiere: 25.07.2017 Secondhand-Zeit. Leben auf den Trümmern der Sozialismus (Second-hand time. Living on the ruins of socialism) ВРЕМЯ СЕКОНД ХЭНДaccording to the book by Svetlana AlexievichIn the German translation by Ganna-Maria BraungardtA theatre project with people from the former Soviet Union

Exhibition: Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden

5 December 2015 – 3 July 2016 “Fast Fashion. Die Schattenseiten der Mode.” An exhibition of the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg visits the Deutsches Hygiene- Museum.