Compost Composing

With COMPOST COMPOSING, the artists’ group KOMA&Ko invites you to join the round dance.

Compost becomes a compositional principle, we submit to the cycles and cycles of all being, the circular form. Transformation processes are celebrated with text, dance and song. A personal and collective confrontation of five performers with growth and finiteness, states of exhaustion and processes of regeneration, closeness to nature and alienation. In a cycle of round dances and canon songs we lead the visitors through the public space and finally into an underground installation between projection and object in collaboration with the sculptor Theresa Rothe (Leipzig) and the video artist Raiko Sánchez (Berlin). The installation is accompanied by immersive audio works. In collaboration with the musician Jarii van Gohl (Berlin) narratives and vocals of the artists are mixed with 3D sound compositions.

8/9/10 und 16 JULI 20.45 Uhr
17 JULI 18 Uhr
E-WERK Galerie II

Performance und Gesangskompositionen: Linda Pilar Brodhag, Renan Manhaes, Benjamin Lindh Medin, Ophelia Young, Magdalena Weniger

Artistic direction: Magdalena Weniger
Choreografie: Magdalena Weniger in Co-Autor:innenschaft mit den Performer:innen
Choreographic assistance: Linda Pilar Brodhag
Text: Veit Arlt, Florence Freitag, Renan Manhaes, Lisa Stewart, Ophelia Young, Magdalena Weniger in Co-Autor:innenschaft mit den Performer:innen
Music Design: Jarii van Gohl
Dramaturgy: Veit Arlt
Stage and costume: Bettina Kletzsch
Costume: Bettina Kletzsch und Theresa Rothe
Video: Raiko Sánchez
Objects: Theresa Rothe
Technical direction and lighting design: Steffen Melch
Production: KOMA&Ko, Helena Steurer

In coproduction with Hellerau- Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden und dem E-WERK Freiburg. Gefördert durch npn Stepping Out, LAFT Baden Württemberg, Kulturstiftung des Freistaat Sachsen, Kulturamt Dresden, Kulturamt Freiburg. Recherche gefördert durch Residenz DiR Potsdam fabrik moves/ fabrik Potsdam, Stipendium #takeheart/Hellerau und Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst Baden Württemberg.