Crossing Borders – Kupferstich-Kabinett Dresden

Photo: Oliver Killig

Coat design for the visual artist Jacqueline Merz

Spiegelachse ICH, 1996-99 / 2020
A work by Jacqueline Merz
in the exhibition: Crossing Borders – Collecting fpr the Future
Duration: 14.11.2020-26.04.2021

Bettina Kletzsch: Coat design and sewing, Material: photo wallpaper
Carsten Wittig: graphic
Video, 1995, camera: Bettina Grossenbacher
Soundtrack from the diaries, 2020, recording management: Manos Tsangaris; edit and mastering Christop Mann
Three photographs, 2020, staging: Curators of the exhibition; camera: Werner Lieberknecht