Neue Märke erschließen – audio piece

Fashion designer Bettina Kletzsch visits the weekly market in Bischofswerda with radio artist Konrad Behr. Tracing the history of the Kletzsch family, they observe and comment on the hustle and bustle of the market and engage in conversation with the people.
They are surprised by detailed descriptions of the clothes that were bought in the Kletzsch fashion house at the time – delve into memories of camping vacations and offer hand-carved socks from the Erzgebirge for sale.

Produktion: Bettina Kletzsch, Konrad Behr, 2020
Regie: Bettina Kletzsch
Cut: Bettina Kletzsch, Konrad Behr
Sound: Konrad Behr
Sounds tents tearing: Dorothee Kletzsch
Morderation: Magarete Kiss
Thanks: The creation of this work was made possible by a grant from the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony