Swim until our lanes cross

Swim until our paths cross, negotiates the emergence of patterns through movement using the example of swimming. While swimming, thoughts play with the black marks on the bottom of the pool until they form and colorfully leave the water. A graphic score is created which in turn serves as a template for sound and movement Swim until our lanes cross

Kulturschaufenster ->Mixed Mode Markt + Mixed Mode Markt Radio

Fotos: Dorothee Kletzsch Kulturschaufenster is an exhibition of local creators from 26.8. – 21.10.2021 at Centrumsgalerie Dresden. A project by Wir gestalten Dresden. Mixed Modehaus Markt Radio a Performance from Konrad Behr and Bettina Kletzsch

Neue Märke erschließen – audio piece

Fashion designer Bettina Kletzsch visits the weekly market in Bischofswerda with radio artist Konrad Behr. Tracing the history of the Kletzsch family, they observe and comment on the hustle and bustle of the market and engage in conversation with the people. They are surprised by detailed descriptions of the clothes that were bought in the Neue Märke erschließen – audio piece

Developing new markets

In Bischofswerda at the weekly market, an important place of exchange, I set up my market stand. There I collect thoughts to later reproduce them as an audio installation in my studio in Dresden. Passers-by can plug their own headphones into the headphone jack on the outside and listen to the voices from the rural Developing new markets

Intervention: Requiem für die Zukunft #WOD

1.- 15. Februar 2020 Cosmopolitan Dresden dedicates itself in February 2020 to current, artistic perspectives of commemoration against the background of the 75th anniversary of the destruction of Dresden during the war in February 1945 and the public commemoration of violence and destruction worldwide. Mourning and commemoration have produced forms and rituals for centuries. In Intervention: Requiem für die Zukunft #WOD

Co- Kuration: Archiv der Avantgarden, Dresden

2- 8. September 2019 Hörkino SchiebockKonzept und Organisation: Bettina Lehmann, Bettina Kletzsch The Archiv der Avantgarden (AdA) guests in Bischofswerda: On 8 September from 10 a.m. the former cinema in the König-Albert-Saal in Bischofswerda will become a place of listening. In workshops Schiebocker of different age groups together with sound and radio artists will create Co- Kuration: Archiv der Avantgarden, Dresden